Vertu mobile phone goes cheap

Vertu is widely known for its finest luxury mobile phones handmade by their craftsman in England using a cutting edge technology.

A month ago, Vertu announced that Vertu was calling time on making luxury mobile phones after a scheme to stop the company going into liquidation failed.

At the peak of the production, the handmade phones were out of most people’s price ranges. Even the company’s budget range, Vertu Aster cost start at £4,500 (approximately $6,000). There are many good reviews about this phone, also see the true cellular country reviews and what are the good things about other handsets.

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However, Vertu is now auctioning off its back catalog for a half of its original price tag.
The Ferrari Quest Edition Phone in Black Ceramic with Sapphire Keys sold for around £5,500 is currently going for  £450 or approximately $580, and the Signature 18k yellow gold model that retailed at £14,700 ($19,000) can be yours for ‘only’ £1,550 ($2,011).

Furthermore, the company listed their entire Vertu museum collection and other collectibles, such as the bronze sculpture of soldier riding a horse.