VIVO among the top five smartphone brand

Today, VIVO consider one of the world’s most popular smartphone brands, organized a media event at Lahore. The event targeting at raising awareness about VIVO while boosting ties with the media.

According to on its sales data, VIVO is counted as China’s third and world’s fifth most popular smartphone brand, also check the cellular country reviews for the other smartphone brands. By generating a premium quality smartphones at the cheap price, VIVO seeks to become country’s favorite brand. For the development of the brand, the company invited bloggers and media persons to the event and explain them about the product, future plans, operations in the country, policies, and strategies.

After the successful launch of Y55, V5S, and Y53 in Pakistan, the company plans to introduce new and refined products in the country. However, no deadline from VIVO in this matter has been given.


Google creating a perfect $50 smartphone

Google creating a perfect $50 smartphone
Google Nexus 4

The million dollar company – Google is moving forward its challenge to deliver reasonably priced smartphone to India, within the hard work in order to tap the massive growing market of cheap smartphones.

Google informed to the Financial Times that it stays “very committed” to its Android One venture, which released in India last fall along with the target of creating low cost Android powered handsets particularly for developing countries. The typical handsets were originally costed at approximately $100 in the previous year, nevertheless Google wants the smartphone to advertise in the market for less than %50 in order to catch more attention from shoppers who would probably purchasing their first smartphone.

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