32GB iPod Touch launched by Apple

Apple just killed off their iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, also the company updated its iPod Touch with two storage choices.

Now, there are two storage options for the iPod Touch, the 32GB which cost £199 and the 128GB that cost £299.

Apple suspends the 16GB and 64GB models of the iPod Touch, the rest specs on the device still the same.

The iPod Touch comes with a 4inch display with 1136x640px resolution, it is powered by Apple A8 processor and comes with front and back camera. At the back, there is an 8-megapixel iSight camera and there is a FaceTime HD camera at the front.



When and what to expect from Apple‘s newest iPhone8

Rumors express new specs and components that will transform people’s views of the iPhone as it is now. There when-and-what-to-expect-from-apples-newest-iphone8might be a change in the display as well as the charging setting. Even with the current release of Apple’s iPhone 7 a month ago, its successor iPhone 8 is by now gaining some interest and popularity among customers.

The reputation is backed by proof of several speculation going around that are mixed and opposing. The reasons for these rumors are what people assume to see on the iPhone 8. These rumors make people puzzled as to which is real. Out of all these thrill, two look to be real, even if these have no evidence yet.

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One of the two is the screen if iPhone 8, it is said to have an OLED display that is magnificent because it uses less power and provides better contrast. This feature will also present better contrast ratio, enhanced angles for viewing and better speed in reaction time than an LCD panel.
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Affordable smartphones are becoming more preferred according to experts

For many years, smartphone today divided into two categories – the cheaper a handset ideal for ore basic use, look Affordable smartphones are becoming more preferred according to experts and feel like cheap toys, and the upper mid-range to premium class or high end, with powerful components and better build materials and quality. Even so, the line among these classes has been getting slimmer, the hardware has gotten so good that a $300 handset can keep their own just fine in everyday tasks and small companies who sacrifice large portion of their profits just to get a small piece of the market  have been produced premium materials to the lower-tier handsets. In change, pressured even large and establishes company like Samsung to reassess how they go about their economical smartphones and the metal-clad Galaxy A series is a one good example of that.

Based to the market experts company Counterpoint Research, major phone producer have increased the variety of affordable devices in their portfolios in order to meet a expanding market demand for affordable smartphones. it is documented that Samsung’s sub-$300 handset made up for 40% of the firm’s smartphone models in 2014, however the amount has risen to 54% by the initial quarter of this year. Sammy phones listed below $200 limit have also increased, from 10% in 2014 to 41% in May this year.
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What is the new feature of the iPhone SE?

Right nWhat is the new feature of the iPhone SEow, Apple company announced the new iPhone SE know to be the most powerful four-inch device offer. The new iPhone SE features the similar processor and graphic as an iPhone 6S, but in a small size and reasonably priced, other great feature of this handset its sports with biometric finger sensors.

iPhone SE features a Touch ID sensor located at the home button, which was placed during the keynote for security and ease. Merged with the secure factor and NFC features designed into this small new iPhone, the fingerprint sensor allows SE users to use the Apple Pay mobile wallet, a very convenient way.

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Top 5 Most Awaited Budget Smartphones Coming Out in 2016

These days, individuals tend to be more sensible when purchasing handset because high quality Top 5 Most Awaited Budget Smartphones Coming Out in 2016smartphones are very expensive. They are now looking for a low costs devices that provide the same specifications and features.

As year 2016 is approaching, we made a list of Top five most awaited smartphones coming out next year.

According to Techno +, first in the list was the Nokia C1 , Android 5.0 based. So far, this is the company’s best smartphone coming this 2016.

If the report is true, Nokia will end up their contact with Microsoft as they are going to use Android to run their device.  However, these are just assumed specification of Nokia C1.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • 8 MP Rear and 5 MP Front Facing Camera
  • 5 inch Display

Techno + also added that LG will release a low priced smartphone, the LG G5. It was reported that it offers the newest Screen Technological Advancements with Retina eye scanner, new 3D components, will be water proof, dust proof and shockproof. It also features the following.

  • 2.9 GHz ctal Core
  • 5 GB RAM
  • 20 MP Rear and 5 MP Front Facing Camera
  • 5.6 inch Sapphire Screen

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