Affordable smartphones are becoming more preferred according to experts

For many years, smartphone today divided into two categories – the cheaper a handset ideal for ore basic use, look Affordable smartphones are becoming more preferred according to experts and feel like cheap toys, and the upper mid-range to premium class or high end, with powerful components and better build materials and quality. Even so, the line among these classes has been getting slimmer, the hardware has gotten so good that a $300 handset can keep their own just fine in everyday tasks and small companies who sacrifice large portion of their profits just to get a small piece of the market  have been produced premium materials to the lower-tier handsets. In change, pressured even large and establishes company like Samsung to reassess how they go about their economical smartphones and the metal-clad Galaxy A series is a one good example of that.

Based to the market experts company Counterpoint Research, major phone producer have increased the variety of affordable devices in their portfolios in order to meet a expanding market demand for affordable smartphones. it is documented that Samsung’s sub-$300 handset made up for 40% of the firm’s smartphone models in 2014, however the amount has risen to 54% by the initial quarter of this year. Sammy phones listed below $200 limit have also increased, from 10% in 2014 to 41% in May this year.
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LG’s profile is also noted to be 65% composed of sub-$300 models, even though that was also the scenario in 2014 and 2015. On other hand, Apple is said to be shipping more affordable handsets this year. In the case of iPhones, expert considers handset under the $500 line to be the more reasonably priced ones. Until last year,  only 10% Apple handsets fell below this price point, however this year, the ratio is up to 30%. Thanks to iPhone SE and its 16GB, 64GB variant, which are listed at $399 and $499.

While global phone increase went smooth in the first quarter of this year, with nearly every maker seeing a year over year drop in deliveries, it seems that there is visible shift within the market. New smartphone users from establishing markets are still incapable to afford the top-tier devices, while many Western users are realizing that they can smartphone that satisfies their needs without investing top dollar for it.


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