What is the new feature of the iPhone SE?

Right nWhat is the new feature of the iPhone SEow, Apple company announced the new iPhone SE know to be the most powerful four-inch device offer. The new iPhone SE features the similar processor and graphic as an iPhone 6S, but in a small size and reasonably priced, other great feature of this handset its sports with biometric finger sensors.

iPhone SE features a Touch ID sensor located at the home button, which was placed during the keynote for security and ease. Merged with the secure factor and NFC features designed into this small new iPhone, the fingerprint sensor allows SE users to use the Apple Pay mobile wallet, a very convenient way.

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The iPhone SE just recently launched in China to a major success and not the handset is available in five countries. Apple Pay allows user to make contactless credit card payment at store point of sale, confirming the orders with the scan of the fingerprint via Touch ID. The SE connects the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and the versions in acquiring this biometric mPayment capability.

Together with the iPhone SE, Apple company used the chance of the of stage to launched its newest mobile OS version iOS 9.3. Amon latest iOS features is the security on the Notes app that enables users to protect documents with biometric finger print scan or a passcode. This added feature provides a new stage of rational access control to the iPhone, allowing users to ensure they are doing the most of Apple security stand.

With this new features added to the iPhone SE. users will be delight! Share your thoughts below at the comment section.


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