What? $15 smartphone, No way!

Still looking for a cheap smartphone? This maybe will shock you because these 2 giant companies are teaming up to launch the world and indeed a super cheap smartphone in India by the end of 2015.

DataWind a Canadian company and Indian service provider Reliance Communications or RCom are working together on a smartphone for India people that will cost only a Rs. 999 or equivalent to 15US dollar based to the Economic Times.

The handset will not be operating Android instead of Linux and will most likely only support 2G connectivity. The record added that the new handset is anticipated to hit the phone industry in India on December 28 2015.

RCom and DataWind are hoping to market the phone to people in India who are switching to their first What 15 smartphone No waysmartphone.  DataWind is known for developing cheap hardware. Back in 2011 they develop the Aakash 7inch tablet for school in India with a price tag of 37.99US dollar.

Lowest priced handsets presently offered by the company retails for $30. Comparing to Xiaomi sells its budget Redmi line from about 150US dollar while Micromax with their flagship price 30US dollar.  But how about the interesting fact at cellular country reviews?

Suneet Singh Tulu, CEO of DataWind told the Economic Times that this kid of low cost device is possible tanks to the minimizing rates of processor chips and memory, adding that the company soon be closing deal with Taiwanese or Chinese chip manufacturer.

As for saying, two is better than one and today these 2 giant companies will create a history for making a affordable smartphones.

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