Coolpad Announce their new budget friendly Smartphone with Android 5.1

Nowadays, there are many variety of budget friendly smartphones that ranges $100-$200 that you can Coolpad Announce their new budget friendly Smartphone with Android 51find in retail stores an online as well.
If you are looking for more cheaper you can also find however things will little be quite risky. The T-Mobile and Coolpad are joining to give what you want to, but in this case lets just say its risk free because of these two huge firms join together. They will going to offer to us a $50 smartphone that runs with Android 5.1, specs are quite not good, but for a $50 what can you say?

We don’t have idea yet the exact SoC can be under the hood, nevertheless it is some version of the Snapdragon 200 based on the GPU posted. The 2MP maybe stays probably case of cost savings, One of the wow factor here is the band 12 LTE and it can used as a hotspot.

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This smartphone will comes with Android 5.1 which is pretty good for such a low cost smartphone, T-Mobile will offer this online and in stores on September 30th.

By teaming up of this two huge firms, I guess the new budget friendly smartphone will give a huge feedback either a good or negative, what can you say about this new phone?


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