Android Bug Discovered, Affecting Million Users

Bug has been discovered in Android smartphones that enable to see the handset crashed by sending a Android Bug Discovered, Affecting Million Usersbasic multimedia message.

Zimpherium the company behind the discovery of the bug said that they believed it is one of the worst Android weaknesses to date, calculating that 950 million devices will be impacted.

Researchers mentioned: “These issues in Stagefright code critically expose 95 per cent of Android devices, an estimated 950 million devices.”

Nevertheless, Google affirms that the bug was fixed in a latest software release, many thanks to the fragmented way Android OS updates ware rolled out, it’s not identified how many devices are really at threat.

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Devices that are not update can be prone if the hacker were to send harmful code within the multimedia message that able to access the service within Android referred to as Stagefright. Once the message activates which is hidden to the user, then it can release tons of loads of code into the device to access your personal information or it can crash the handset.

Researchers mentioned: “These vulnerabilities are extremely dangerous because they do not require that the victim take any action to be exploited”.

In Google statement: “This vulnerability was identified in a laboratory setting on older Android devices, and as far as we know, no-one has been affected.”

“As part of a regularly scheduled security update, we plan to push further safeguards to Nexus devices starting next week.”

“And, we’ll be releasing it in open source when the details are made public by the researcher at Black Hat.”

More information on the catch will be exposed by the team at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week.

Many hackers nowadays are getting smarter. They keep developing virus and keep cracking codes, they are indeed genius.

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