Xiaomi’s most affordable phone is now only $80

Again Xiaomi has risen to the leading of smartphone with savvy marketing and competitive rates. You Xiaomi’s most affordable phone is now only $80might be asking how cheap Xiaomi can go?  Today, Xiaomi offer just an $80 for the Redmi 2A in China.

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi 2A last March 31 during its 5th anniversary event.

Redmi 2A features a 4.7inch 720p display, Leadcore L1860C processor supported by a 1GB of REAM, 8GB of storage and powering it up by a 2,200mAh battery, a TD-LTE dual-SIM and has its latest operating system of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

At first the handset was supposed to cost a 599 yuan or $100, but today Xiaomi is giving it for just $80, the handset is currently sale in China and the firm is managing to sell 200,000 units in just seven hours.

For now the Redmi 2A is for China only and supports LTE connectivity. But its probably that Xiaomi will promote a 2A version or a similar phone in India and in the other market place where its presently active like in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and in Brazil where the company will be open a store later this year. 

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Xiaomi is ready to provide a pretty decent smartphone experience at $80 which has powerful effects for the phone industry. Million of the people are eager to get their first smartphone and Xiaomi will be the perfect choice for these folks. Xiaomi offer a HD phone that cost only $80 which is more expensive from Samsung Lenovo and other big names.

Right now, Xiaomi are delighted to share this device a in the market with a low budget friendly. In the process, the firm is pressing the competitors to bring down their phone price.

Xiaomi indeed keep producing a budget friendly devices that’s why every phone they produce it will surely a big hit in the market.

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